20 Reasons Why You Are An Idiot

    1. You give people the benefit of the doubt even when it is obvious they are taking advantage of you
    2. You listen to what people say before you presume to know what they are thinking or what their intentions are
    3. You take what people say at face value, and cannot understand why others do not do the same
    4. You think way to much about how people work – and you try to allow for all the differences people have
    5. You do not want anybody to hurt – but deep down you know that that is the best way for people to learn what they need to
    6. You see when people are trying to pull the wool over your eyes…and you let them…and smile about it
    7. You see when people are pushing you away – and you reach out to try to pull them back to you
    8. You passively ignore it when anyone is full of shit – and hope they just go away and leave you alone
    9. You start believing what people are trying to convince you you are, instead of knowing in you heart that you are a kind human being
    10. You take out your frustration with other people on yourself and keep trying to find the best way for them to see who you really are so they will trust you and not prejudge you
    11. You find it hard to believe that people can be so caught up in their own agendas that they fail to see beyond their own lives and relate to someone else
    12. You like to believe that people are easy going and all they want is peace of mind and harmony – and it drives you crazy to see people getting up each others noses with silly things..never getting to the bottom of the nature of human beings
    13. You know that people are simple creatures and all they need is stability and love…but you get unsettled YOURSELF when people do things to themselves that create problems – for themselves
    14. You do not like talking to people because they prefer talking about money and cars and fashion and everything that doesn’t matter to you
    15. You have not figured out yet – that most people are cynics because they are right to be that way…most people really are just looking out for themselves alone… if not – they (including you) are only interested in others because of what they may gain, not what they may give..even if they are just gaining a sense of being knowledgeable and feeling good about themselves for being able to help someone…or having someone to give too. All they really want is to feel worthy of love and will do whatever it is that gives them that feeling. To not have others or themselves think of them as an idiot
    16. You struggle with remaining focused on your own life because you are involved in too many other peoples emotions
    17. You do not like saying no to people and you cannot push anybody aside – even if they are clearly full of shit – YOU STILL think that it is just a matter of them figuring out who they really are in their hearts
    18. You will seldom give up on people – even if they are making your life a misery – you are always trying to be there for them – in case they need you – you want to be a good friend…even if it means to the detriment of yourself
    19. Despite all of that – you still think you have something of relevance to offer a world so caught up in itself that it would not stop to ask if they were right or wrong about someone or something – simply because they have been vaguely slighted.
    20. Despite the fact that you know all this to be true about human beings – you still trust people to be caring and considerate. You still want to be that person who makes people feel special and loved. You still want to be a friend even when you have been treated badly.

If you cannot answer a yes to these questions – well done! You are not an Idiot!

You will be successful in this world! Nothing will stop you from getting what you want from life…





  1. It’s sad that you felt you had to write this. I think at the core of things we would all like to believe in other people and it is sad when we have to realise that they are not what they appear to be at first glance. But for every idiot, or rotten person out there there are good people who are just good people (not idiots).


  2. So when were you spying on my to figure all of this out? Spooky. Talking about you, now, for number 19 I believe you truly do have something to say of relevance to the world which is why I, and so many others, read your posts.


  3. I managed a good score here! Haha!
    Guess I’m an idiot too, and have been in quite some trouble because of that, but I don’t really feel like changing it. In all honesty, this world needs more idiots. Too many sensible people here! 😉
    Commendable insight and observations.


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