And Now?

I removed all my old posts; Well hid them all away.
Great plans to streamline. Great plans…

I will say…completely stumped now what to do, so we begin polluting the internet once more with inane drivel once more because we (as in ME) do not know what the hell to do with all this shit. I do not – I really do not.



WHAT do I want to do with all my words ‘n..stuff?

Please? What do you all do when you hit a blogging wall and not sure you are really going where you want to with your blog? (Do we EVEN know EVER where we want to go with our blogs/online presence?)



  1. Sometimes when we try so hard about where we should be going, we struggle to see where we want to go.

    Don’t force it, take a little break and maybe it will come to you.

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  2. I agree with swo8 – a mix of art and poetry. I know it is ultra time consuming, so you’d most likely post even less than you do now, but you could recycle old artworks with new words when you don’t have time.


  3. Sit back and listen to your inner voice. What is it telling you?
    Don’t force the issue as this will make it more difficult to reach a decision. 🙂
    I know a good coach if you need one lol


  4. I am not one to offer any form of advice; I’m still trying to get some of the words and pictures out of my head and on paper/canvas/rock/cave wall/air…I have not a clue.
    You are not alone.


    1. Follow my inner voice, and I am not alone, stand up pretty strong right now! ;)Thats the cool part of the blogging community, we find people similar to ourselves, by simply being who we are… and maybe… thars enough. 🙂

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  5. Grab two or three posts from the past at random and try a mash-up. See if you can find a common thread and make a coherent thought arc from them, as different as they might be.


        1. Did not know who that was, appaulling I know. Google has its uses…
          You are onto something! Sounds far too much like my spirit. To quote wiki… one who often makes himself ugly to reveal the ugliness he sees around him.’
          To quote Thompson, ‘I hate to advocate drugs, alcohol, violence and insanity to anyone, but they’ve always worked for me.’
          … ignoring the obviousness of the last in my life… and using it for today as…. find what works for you and fits your life… pity being mom doest work well with letting my inner Hunter run my life completely 😉 Just need to find a little space for him to emerge! (and not consume!) uuurgh… this darn balance thing!

          Thanks hey… It helped.

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          1. No, thank you.

            I believe that most of us possess minds that have some measure of controlled “crazy.” The trick, and the fun, is to able to express that inner chaos by occasionally letting it show without letting it take charge. Let it rule and you are judged a “nut case.” Small releases at your discretion and you are an interesting, well rounded personality.


  6. Just take your time and let it all sort itself out. At some point in the last couple of years, I realized I was running out of steam with my writing, but that I was becoming more interested in photography – so I started combining the two, and it made for some awesome posts. And when I really get in a slump and can’t come up with anything at all, I simply go back to some of my very first (and in my mind, so much better) posts and re-blog them. Eventually, something happens which gives me inspiration for either a writing post or a photo post (or a mixture of both), and I run with it.

    No one says you have to post on any set schedule, no one says you have to stick with any particular theme, and no one says you can’t take a break when you need to. We’re all in the same boat, and we all wait for each other to get through these slumps. I’m sure everything will work out just fine for you.


  7. As someone who you’ve inspired in the past I feel comfortable saying you shouldn’t change too much.

    As someone who went thru exactly what you’re talking about. Was going thru a weird place in life, got lost in the sauce. Recreating my website and my writing style in the process, and just kept trekking thru. It’s all connected so, knowing that, I say turn this into everything you ever wanted it to be.

    Throw things against the wall and organize whatever sticks. The people need it.


      1. You’re absolutely welcome. As a social network I can’t lie I’m awful at properly interacting with people but I’d be lying if I didn’t admit to anxiously awaiting what’s next.


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