A to Z challenge – ‘A’ – Is for Poetry Challenge!

I have been prompted to try participate in the AtoZChallenge. So I shall try.

You can find out more about it if you click the big A below. Or go here to Linda’s blog post about it.

I suppose I have to choose a word beginning with A? This is not going so well…
What shall I write, Oh what shall I write?
The A to Z in poetry. I could participate in that couldn’t I?

I could!

WE could! Oh go on, that would be so pleasing!

Let us do the AtoZChallenge and do each letter in poetry!

Do you want to just do the title as the letter?

Do you want to express the letter to us in alliteration?

We cannot do acronyms, that would be a little bizarre. We would have AAAAAA and OOOOOO – and EEEEEE…K. No. Not happening.

Join me on a poetry journey. Write your poem with its title beginning with the letter ‘A’and link it to the site you reach in the link attached to the big ‘A’ above. (Or this one if you cannot be asked to scroll up) LINK ALSO to this post! You can do a ping back or simply come and drop a link to your post here in the comments section.

Remember to tag your post #AtoZChallenge, AND tag it #AtoZChallengePoetry. For others to know you are taking part in THIS sub of AtoZChallenge, tag it #Idiotwritingpoetrychallenge. 

ANY poetry is acceptable but please remember to stick to the general rules of the AtoZChallenge as outlined in the post detailing such things. (again – as can be found by clicking the big A picture above)

So I will leave you all too it. To be fair, I am leaving my ‘A’ poem for a bit… to allow you lovely people chance to get yours under way. Plus I am shattered – IT IS Late here in the Welsh countryside.

Go get writing your poem.





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