This writing thing and stuff

1170 posts pending. 263 drafts.
What do?
Many a word there to find a place for.


It is this category thing screwing with me isn’t it?
I cannot recall why I put ALL my fucking posts as pending, though I think it was to try become vaguely more organised in it. That was the original intention of creating a blog over three (four?) years back, to have a place to put the poems and subconscious babble in some sort of coherent album type thing.

Now it is done, I don’t know if I should ‘undone’ it, or republish shit, or move along and let them be.

Though, one thing I DO know is blogging changed me and my relationship with people and the world, more than I imagined it could.
(for better hopefully, though in moments creating misery swinging oft toward elation…ffs. 😉 )

Another three years then?

Another thing –

I started posting some of the poetry on Instagram (It is fun a little, Kinda) :


Yes I realise I cropped it like a novice Instagrammer – that would be because I am one.





  1. I think you are doing wonderful. About a year ago I did this too and clean up my blog trying to make sense of all the tags and categories. I can’t say I’m any better off. I don’t think you should delete all your hard work. I did that and lost some of it. Maybe set it in draft is you want to hide them maybe. That’s what I do. Just a thought. I’m a novice at Instagram too! Keep it up 💛🌼


    1. I couldn’t write to categories…
      it is just nice to have a place where they can live, ya know? Easier to find.. like knives go next to forks in the cutlery drawer. Or is it spoons?! 🙂 🙂

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