I Have An Artist in me

So I did this painting for my boss for Christmas –

Pepperpots Westie




The reception was overwhelming and has prompted me to pursue my Art strongly and do commissions. Which is pretty neat really.

Hence I have opened an art page on Facebook.

facebook banner2

Your presence and support would be so greatly appreciated, as I embark on a different chapter of my creative passions.

I do honestly believe this new step will benefit my writing greatly as it allows me to be truer to myself than I have been able to be in along time.

Thank you so much. ❤

As always – IW –


  1. That’s WONDERFUL!!!!
    I KNOW there is an artist inside me that is LONGING to get out but she evaporates at the sight of the blank canvas……. dilemma!
    Signing up for your page, if I can see where to do so….
    Ann ❤


    1. Oh dear, I do know that feeling tbh! I used to rely heavily on inspiration… I am trying to go more for the process of beginning to end to see a result. If that makes sense. I dunno really – it is ajourney isnt it?
      thanks so much for your support Ann! I see you there already!! VERY much appreciated!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Thanks for the encouragement. I bought a couple of those “canned” canvasses with a drawing on them to try to take away my fear of the blank “page” and I did begging something that way but then stopped and so it has sat…..you should tell me more about your process!


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