Sing To Us Still

We face ourselves to illiminate our woes, but what if we are trying to save ourselves from what ensures the picture of our own existence and that of Humanity?

The reason for which we abide is not always to confront, nor escape our trial or discomfort. The meaning and purpose of our lives and our place here is not only about us.

We may find ourselves doing things that we, or others, can make little sense of at times and I have found:

If I cannot escape perhaps I am not meant to, or just not at the time I think I should. If I cannot ‘break free’ from ‘my cross’ perhaps I am meant to pick it up and carry it to my end.

It is sacrifice, not always chosen. A thorn in our side – which keeps us human and maybe humble.

The reason and purpose are not always, even seldom, known.

I come to you with a word.
I come to you in this life.
The Universe is.

Apart and a part of all we hear.

She speaks, we speak

Sing to us still.




  1. How are you doing Belinda? This is much too serious. I’m in the process of writing a song about cheese. Life is so delightful with cheese. (sounds like Winnie the Pooh about honey – come to thing about it I feel much the same way about honey) 😉


    1. I am sorry to disappoint you Leslie. I am fine, thank you. I do like cheese, and honey, preferably together. I do also like writing about subjects that are not cheesy in my perspective. That’s the beauty of being able to have a blog as an outlet for the part of ourselves we so often feel we need to hide away from ourselves and others. Please, don’t scare me away, I am dipping my toes in again to places that I feel need dipping. I urge you to not take it personally, if you have nothing to add to the context of the thought process. Some people may feel differently about the subject matter.
      How are you?

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