A place to put outside what’s inside, in whatever way with whatever opinion I may have at the time on whatever topic I fancy uplifting or admonishing. It may be of the self or society or about an apple that freaked me out. Mashing it up.

Time Passing 

~ Another petal, another poem.

A twig falls out the tree

Catches my eye

Toward another white petal falling

She flips over in the breeze

When another cloud covers the sun

Another cigarette ends

Receiving a shadow as time passes still.


The Anticipation Of Death

Hope is found in anticipation.
Once the anticipated has been met we are left with hope lost.
In this cycle of emerging ourselves in hope for what is or may come and finding ourselves lost upon each roll of the dice when our desires are either met or blocked, it is then we learn to know and face our greatest hope.

Death. Living. Embracing that we are dying, and dying knowing that we lived and live on in all that we anticipated.