Social Commentary

Ambitious Hope

Sorry to piss on the parade
of flowers and sunshine,
but for some poor bastards
life doesn’t miraculously work out
no matter how hard-working
how smart, or how positive.

Often it is the luck of the
socioeconomic landscapes
birthing humanity.



Unity And Hope – Part One – Why Is It So Impossible?

We forgot to live.
We are falling for it.
When WILL we not be afraid?
When will we feel safe?
Will we walk our streets at night without fear?

What is a left and right wing agenda?
Which of these do we fall into?
Which will please us?
What makes us feel the world will be alright?

Will we be able to agree completely on any of these questions 100% of the time?
What will make our fear subside?

Is it when a wall is around us to protect us, or free to roam and run?

Is it when there is no walls to left to place ourselves behind should we wish to be left alone?

Is it when we have enough guns to obliterate yourselves alongside everyone else?

Is it when all the guns are supposed to be gone and someone pulls one on us?

Is it when there is no more abortion and no more orphans due to mothers in poverty seeking backstreet terminations?

Is it when it is law that everyone can do with their bodies whatever they choose whenever they choose? Including allowing this right to minors, who are humans too, and not dependant on a parent to sustain them. If we choose alcohol, drugs, sex or self harm, it MUST be accepted as OUR RIGHT to do with our bodies what we wish.

Is it when all woman stop abusing their men with raging tantrums and passive aggressive patronising words and actions and treating them as villains, rapists and cheats? Or when men stop abusing their woman with emotional absence, withholding affection and praise, violence and financial manipulation?

Is it when all our food is grown in our backyard…organically in our Sunday sunshine? Is it when we can produce enough to feed not only our country’s but every other starving nation with our litter?

Will it be when we have enough homes to house all our vagabonds and orphans?
Will it be when we have every person who wants to come live in the ‘free world’ settled into jobs and homes?
That would be ALL of Africa – The Middle East – and parts of Asia too, who would give their front teeth to have the freedoms we have. The places where our old false teeth, pacemakers, and panties go whilst we grumble about the right to bare our breasts, and get paternity leave?

When will we get what we want?

We wish and picket for our Eden but denounce it ever existed.

The double minded contradictions are more and more bizarre.

Rights, and no responsibilities.
Choices, and no consequence.
Protection from anarchic crime and no heed for authority.

Right wing or left – its all the same… we want what we want. We want it how we want it, when we want it.
Huff and puff (normally in the Huffington post) about how terrible the world is for everybody and how WE will change it if we just…. if we just…

If we just what? Listen to y’all?

Maybe we are getting what we deserve and need, because we sure as hell cannot make up our minds what it is we want.

Maybe we should have stuck to being happy with the fruits of our harvest we had instead of hissing about what we did not?


(To Be Continued in Part Two – ‘We are no longer in Kansas’)

Thanks for reading.






Preoccupied with living

Preoccupation with things, I suppose, is inevitable at times.

Four dear loved ones passed on in the last 18 months. People who embraced life’s every challenge with vigour and humour. Their departing this place has had the capacity to drive home my own mortality with great force.
‘We die, so we live.’ This is the end to a poem I recently posted.

Seems to have raised concern that there is a theme moving through my posts lately regarding death. I hope there is really…

Death is life’s theme, isn’t it? Society functions around it; Most religions base every choice on what happens thereafter and atheist base everything on what happens before. It is pivotal in determining the course of lives hence forms society as we know it.

So why not think about it, write about it, talk about it? Perhaps butterflies and moonbeams is preferable? It is certainly lovely when the heart calls to write of such things that embrace ones soul and heart, when they do, when we can see them again through deaths lens of clarity and not imaginings stirred by daydreams; for then we truly see their beauty and enigma.

A distinct difference between ‘We live, so we die’ and ‘We die, so we live’, is that if we simply walk through this life until we meet our end we have lived and died; we live, we die – but –

If we walk through this life with death ever approaching in our onward march to the end, racing it, chasing it, and facing it with every fibre of ourselves acknowledging that we will one day end, then?

Then we really can use every moment of this life; and live.
Not in fear but with a determined purpose to accomplish as much in this one lifetime as is possible (god willing …)

No preoccupation is without its merits dearest friend.

Death chases us and when we can accept it fully and embrace its constant approach nothing seems impossible anymore. Nothing is hard, nothing can be more agonising to face, surely, then death? To quote the lyrics of ‘Twenty One Pilots’, originally from street poetry

‘Death inspires me like a dog inspires a rabbit.’

Life IS what we make of it and it doesn’t matter what we do with it, sounds contradictory I know but, so long as we do SOMETHING with it and do not just let it pass as by lethargically day after day after godforsaken day, miserable and scared and unwilling to step out of ourselves due to what might happen; Scared of what ‘other people think of us’? Scared of ‘making mistakes’, ‘rocking the boat’, ‘pissing them off’, ‘getting into trouble’, ‘being rejected’, ‘being intimate’, ‘being forsaken’, ‘being alone’, (Heads up – the worst thing that can happen is, you die.)

Really? We are worried about all that when you know what? YOU ARE GOING TO DIE ONE DAY and … so LIVE!

Die too, to all the fear of rejection, pain, mistakes, trouble and hardship. Die to the ego of everything you think you are meant to be or are now, because death will strip that all away anyway. When we die to ourselves and all our insecurities we will surely live a life nearer to our truest self and all the desires of our hearts.

We die, so we live.

It is a poetry thing… no matter which way you look at it, die to the self and so live, or live now because you will die, it really is for the best to –

Consider death, so to defeat it with life.