1. We met on PO, finally here. The one who calls herself the writerIdiot…now this one has me in a twist. Read a few idiotic thoughts and suddenly realized idiotwriting is rather too advanced for me,lol
    Loved your takes on PO, will hang around here a bit today to get a proper feel of you my lady…so far, I love it!


  2. With friends we see the delicate balance (give and take) of any relationship in our focus. What do I want, what do i want to give, or do i look to take something, gain something. Are my friendships about what I might gain or what I might give. One side of friendship is what they are and the other is what I am. Now we know friendship is a give and take, but If one starts with taking we can drain our friend of what they have to give, leaving them empty. Or, I can focus on what I might give to this friend, what I can and will bring to the relationship. Jesus said we are to love others as we love ourselves. This is a high standard. The adventure of friendship is just in this attempt. The attempt to see and treat someone just like you want to be treated. To treat another like yourself. Am Looking to get or gain a friend, or am I looking to be a friend.


    1. That is really beautiful ‘Someone’ 😀
      I think you have hit the nail on the head.
      Only thing – sometimes we don’t really treat ourselves very well, so maybe what happens too is that as friends ‘teach’ what is and is not acceptable within (ie – what does not work ) we learn to love ourselves a little more too…as iron sharpens iron?
      I do not think friendship should ever be about taking really, however it is also tricky as if the other feels they have nothing to give…that can also leave them feeling empty.
      Thanks for the lovely comment!
      Thanks for the lovely comment


                1. Shillings + cash – (old English money… I think!)
                  Hey – I think you will like this post/poem of mine a did today – would you mind taking a read?


    1. Thank you very much! Very kind of you 😀
      I never quite got into the swing of awards (possible laziness I believe!)..but ALWAYS VERY thrilled to be offered and honoured with the lovely sentiment.
      Thanks again!


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