This writing thing and stuff

1170 posts pending. 263 drafts.
What do?
Many a word there to find a place for.


It is this category thing screwing with me isn’t it?
I cannot recall why I put ALL my fucking posts as pending, though I think it was to try become vaguely more organised in it. That was the original intention of creating a blog over three (four?) years back, to have a place to put the poems and subconscious babble in some sort of coherent album type thing.

Now it is done, I don’t know if I should ‘undone’ it, or republish shit, or move along and let them be.

Though, one thing I DO know is blogging changed me and my relationship with people and the world, more than I imagined it could.
(for better hopefully, though in moments creating misery swinging oft toward elation…ffs. 😉 )

Another three years then?

Another thing –

I started posting some of the poetry on Instagram (It is fun a little, Kinda) :


Yes I realise I cropped it like a novice Instagrammer – that would be because I am one.



C is for Our crappy bad decisions

Well that just made my mind up.
I cannot be asked. Really I can’t.

My life is spilling over right now with ‘have to’s’ and schedules I cannot even fit in. WHAT THE FUCK am I thinking adding more to that equation to stifle the only place I really have to let go of all of that bullshit and unwind and ‘let go’, and be creative without being cerebral?

I get that writing challenges are just that – challenges. But in this context are they REALLY?

Or are they some crap ass way of marketing? (Obviously)

Whereas I DO enjoy playing with alliteration, which was the ONLY thing making me feel ANY enthusiasm to be forced to do a poem every god damn day of April basically, I – well – I don’t want to anymore. Not many things I can say that to. Rebel that I am not, I am not going to do it! HOORAY! NOW THAT feels better!

We all know I can alliterate away, because I can,  and be a smart dick, so can my seven year old. But I feel jack shit doing so, so the point is?

Look, I kinda WAS ‘excited'(strong use of the word)… but a twelve hour shift, and that excitement quickly dwindles.

Ah well I guess i am not a REAL writer then – or maybe I am just not a real blogger?
Truthfully, it is repetitive and contrite.
Real writers would be motivated and push through the ‘I don’t want to and am tired.’
Yes, they would. They would stop blogging, stop playing fucking games and keep writing the poetry book they are writing, keep writing the story they began on Sunday, and stop getting distracted by … dunno … nice for some right?

Well there you go…we got to the letter ‘C’ to realise that it is all, for me personally, a load of CRAP. 😉

Do you think (or feel like) changing your mind is giving up, or realising you made a bad decision? Not me…for you?


Cacophonic – A Poem for #AtoZChallenge



Calming chaos of calamities creep
Completes conundrums considered
In cocoons concocted, concealed and contained
As cacophonic creeds in catacombs crumble

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Go get writing your poem.(Alternatively write anything – but do write. )