The Life Between

Am I between?
Reams of white waiting to be touched by colour.
The ink of souls, a screen with the word ‘Title’
Asks to frame a life in a question and answer.

The stroke of a brush, seeking to speak
What cannot be said with the few words humanity grasps at.

The twang and twinge of a string strung across wood
Nailed ungracefully, chimes take symphonic stock
Of days and nights where empty and full are nothing and everything
We are between.

We want to know who and why we are, and all we are is breath
Between life and death.



And Now?

I removed all my old posts; Well hid them all away.
Great plans to streamline. Great plans…

I will say…completely stumped now what to do, so we begin polluting the internet once more with inane drivel once more because we (as in ME) do not know what the hell to do with all this shit. I do not – I really do not.



WHAT do I want to do with all my words ‘n..stuff?

Please? What do you all do when you hit a blogging wall and not sure you are really going where you want to with your blog? (Do we EVEN know EVER where we want to go with our blogs/online presence?)