When Children Sleeping Lay – Revised

‘Eyes turned in to mirrored gaze
At twelve the moment to escape
Twist  to face now, eye on eye
Steamed ash of breathe
The fingers trace -

My face,

Fixed lucid on the glass
Tap and tapped
Slow motions pace

Hand to left; to right; up – down
I marked my crosses place

It spoke my name,
I did the same
In burning light, the shadows tame
Now black of candle – black – in flame,

A voice from deep within now came:

Hallow Eve

See your face – so lovely, love…

Let me touch it slow?

Let me hold it, let me taste,
Let me draw you close…

Let me show you all there is
Let me show you how
Lean in close
Come listen dear

To what my stories tell

Draw in more
Come in

Come – come…

Come and we shall play,
Quickly now – the mornings nigh…

Children sleeping lay

Oh see your beauty
See your face, look to -
Your pretty smile

Wipe the sweat off from your skin
Warm and clammy
Thick marooned
Glistening in this din

Now let me show you who you are
Let me show and tell
Take my hand – with fingertips
You know, I know,

So well

Step through the mirror
One we are,
Your voices spell

You cannot stay
I’ll lead the way

Along, these stairs to hell.’


~Our deepest fears lay within~

Halloween may be only tomorrow… take it with you as you go your merry way on your ghoulish adventures… and don’t scare YOURSELF too much ;)

The Driver -

‘There was a time when  a moment like this would never cross my mind, the sun will rise with my name on your lips…cos everything will change – tonight’  ~Bastille~

Could have sworn they were thinking JUST of me when they (Bastille with Dan Smith) named this song ‘The Driver’… I wish with all my youth …

Fangirl!! Who me?

Neh…. Fanmom ;) (WHAT?? It IS allowed! Isn’t it? )

Taking a break from driving at the half term break.

Loving this track – got a bit of everything going for it… hauntingly ‘Metalica’ reminiscent… and the lyrics… always and forever the Lyrics of Mr musical poet ….beautiful young man – Dan Smith (Probably… )

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