Thank you! Loving participation!

If you missed it…

The results are coming is furiously for the ‘survey’ ALREADY!! 


go here to have your say.

Thank you to those who have already joined in!!


Idiot Writer Survey

Please remember this is completely anonymous, as in – NO ONE HERE – including me can see who is who. I am not sure about them other spy guys.

It would be interesting to get the feedback – and if there is enough response – I will post the results in a few days. 

Your feedback would be MOST helpful, if you do not mind sparing a few minutes.

Please don’t forget to press the vote button after making your selection in each section. THANKS! 

If you took the time to participate – thank you very much -

I am sure there are very many other questions we would ALL like answered about blogging – perhaps I shall string together another survey to answer those the mean time –  :P




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