Are You Allergic To People?

How do Mondays feel to you?

Do you wake up and find that you are actually in a lovely mood…but when the world begins to open its eyes and you pass by or stumble upon other people in their Monday place, the day gets progressively more and more dismal with all the negativity that bursts forth upon the world?

You the day off well and then in the end wonder ‘What the ? I was fine and I don’t even know WHY I feel so shitty now.’

I dislike that. I fight that. I really really fight that… torn between wanting to encourage the sad faces that stare at you dismally when you say, ‘Good morning’, whilst they utter a ‘…mrrning’.
I wish I could help them feel better about the day. But for the sake of my own sanity I sometimes have to force myself to pull back and let them own their own emotions and NOT allow them to become MY emotions.

Sometimes – people need not say a word…you can simply feel it in the air around you. People passing by you. A room of people is always fun…cue confused emotions…anxiety even maybe because of the mixed emotions stirring around that we are sucking in.

Here’s an idea – maybe I should hand out small cards of encouraging words to the glum masses that saunter along…so they can JUST give off nice sensations already?

(With my website address on it next to a little side note that says – ‘Wanna have some fun?’ )

Don’t let other people’s emotions become your emotions. Instead –  put on a smile and hope that YOUR joy can permeate THEM.

It won’t always – but at least it will mean you can block off those negative vibes ey. – Mostly.

Yeah – I know… some people are just allergic to others emotions and suck them up like a sponge. DON’T do that to yourself!

Be aware – and ask yourself -

‘Is this REALLY how I AM feeling or am I cueing in on how someone ELSE is feeling.’

Would I not rather learn how to reverse this flow of emotions/energy?

Happy weeks people!


To Cue – definition:


  • in the theatre, films, music, etc) anything spoken or done that serves as a signal to an actor, musician, etc, to follow with specific lines or action
  • a signal or reminder to do something
  • (psychology) the part of any sensory pattern that is identified as the signal for a response
  • the part, function, or action assigned to or expected of a person


  • (transitive) to give a cue or cues to (an actor)
  • usually foll by in or into to signal (to something or somebody) at a specific moment in a musical or dramatic performance   ⇒ to cue in a flourish of trumpets
  • (transitive) to give information or a reminder to (someone)
  • (intransitive) to signal the commencement of filming, as with the word “Action!”




I- KNOW, I am thinking about the past – and about lost abilities or opportunities or passions and moments; and whether we should try to ‘redo’ or reignite or recapture that which has burned out or lived its life. AND = acceptance of such cycles.
But I THINK I already understood this concept? Mentally and emotionally I had this down – was it really needed for it to be drummed in THAT much more by DELETING my poetic meanderings in the subject?

It was JUST a poor little poem!
How shall I rest and not try to remember how it was?
I guess I needed to see it all fit together as it happened.
Well that sucks – because we can’t always see how it fits together – how things come along to teach us what we are figuring out. I guess I don’t get it that much.

So many things we have to lay aside that we have laboured over and loved. Put them out, shut them away, lock them up. Forget about it. Do we strain to know how to UNDO things?

Strain and stress to change what has already occurred?! Till we make ourselves sick. We never see it as practice. A lesson learned. Spilt milk? Cry and feel it…learn and move on. Is it the mess or the loss that upsets us when we have spills?

Both probably.
Maybe it is because we fall in-love with moments and want to wrap ourselves up in them forever when they feel so right?
A beautiful milk moustache out the beautiful glass milk jug – was so delicious…now broken and messed all over the floor.

Worse – sometimes we HAVE to clean up – we cannot just walk away before the mess is cleared…and leave it for someone else to clean. But we do…because it is HARD to JUST forget it without walking away rapidly and not looking at it again. JUST forgetting as soon as possible.

Forgive and forget? Or forgive – but don’t forget. Accept but remember to know that it happened and …could happen again.

Letting things go is one of the hardest things in life to do. Harder still is knowing that the words ‘Something better will come along’ are true; because it feels like it detracts from the goodness of what was…it somehow cheapens the value of our moments.

Which is what makes it so hard – because
Life is ALL about -




How can I not find the revisions for the poem I just lost?


I am lost – lost lost lost…and fairly sadly agitated.

Normally you can go back to the post if you have ‘lost it’ and find the revisions. The post is THERE – but the revision is not.

Did I not save the revision? WHY can I not find it in my Chrome History? I can find every other post that was open and being edited (yes I do that) – but not my lovely poem. Fuck it.

AND I WAS JUST getting back into it and enjoying myself.

Shit on it – I am going to hang washing or something – can’t be asked to fight technology. While I am doing that, can someone PLEASE help me to find my post? And whilst you are at it – can you PLEASE sort out my bookmarks – my documents – my etc.

I need a PA. Apply below :P