Life Is Indubitably About Salt And Pepper Shakers

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Indubitably, indubitable is a word that pleases me.

Is there really anything indubitable?

It is indubitable that indubitably has an indubitably fabulous ring to it.

Other than that, truly – there is nothing indubitable under the sun.

When we can say indubitably that we know for certain all that is indubitable, we believe we have all the answers.

So perhaps there IS one more thing that is indubitable?

Indubitably nothing is for certain.

One more actually – it is indubitable that after writing indubitable this many times I will never struggle to know how to spell and type ‘indubitable’ again. (SO SO many red-lines to go fix, thank goodness we are allowed to fix spelling mistakes in SoCs) Look at that – THREE times in a row I spelt it correctly.

So I just proved that it is indubitable that with practise – we learn things indubitably…oh shit no – I got it wrong that time.

Ever doubt something you think you know? This evening my son was filling the new salt and pepper shakers we purchased from the pound shop. He asked which one was which. We have not had decent cellars in a very long time. We just use those weird plastics they come in with the giant holes all the same size on both the salt and pepper.

I looked, I knew…and then I had to actually rationalise to myself the answer. I pondered it thinking, that I would prefer the salt to come out more than the pepper so it must be that the shaker with most holes is the salt one.

Such brief doubt as to the original design of the items, brought by my own needs and taste, caused me to doubt if my prior knowledge of salt and pepper shakers was correct.

I sent him to his dad.

I think when we have not used something for so long, and we are faced with it again, our heads can rearrange that which was known.

What amazed me was how MY logic was based on my needs. I felt aware of how I in a few seconds concluded (yet did not answer) that the answer I wished to give was possibly incorrect as it did not ‘make sense’ in my world. Something i had never questioned in the past – it just was that way because that is what I had been taught. It was indubitable that the salt goes into the shaker with less holes and the pepper lives in the the shaker with the extra holes.

I had not faced this decision in many years. (many – many…or is it months?!)

Facing it, gave me insight into how we solve problems. We either know the answer or we figure it out with what logically makes sense to us.

So how do we know the answer is correct?

Have we been taught with the wrong logic or have we thought about it illogically?

Or does our logic simply adapt to suit the situation?

I do into know the logic of the salt and pepper shakers, if you do that would be special to know. I only found that I saw these holes and thought…’we use more salt than pepper on our food’ therefore – salt should have more holes and pepper should have less.
Do we ALL use less pepper than salt? In my home, children sprinkle pepper (or black spice as it is fondly known when little) and it cannot be large quantities or it is ‘too spicy’. Salt? Salt kills the taste of yucky things.

So for us it would be logical and sensible to reverse the norm of the shakers.
What if someone comes to dinner though? Will it be practical for them to use, or will it fuck them over when they pick up the wrong shaker and liberally sprinkle salt all over their meal, in expectation of pepper? Sure they would be thrilled and likely think we were a bit odd and possibly not accept a dinner invitation again.

We have to fit into societal norms to a degree don’t we? SO things all kinda make sense to everyone. It is why we DO do things the same or need to agree on a certain way of functioning in a lot of instances. It is not so much that we have determined that it is the indubitable way to be living, but rather a decision we need to make so everyone knows which shaker they are picking up.

Something that has been around a while, is not going to change its form no matter how much I think they are stupid to have designed it that way. Anyway, were they? We are not meant to have TOO much salt on our food…

Just because it is that way in my home, does not make it the norm for everyone…it is a choice.

Do we have a choice of how we use the shakers? Indubitably we do! How that choice will affect someone else that enters our company who may not understand why , or even THAT we have switched it around to meet our needs…

Well perhaps we have to look the world to see what a great big mess we are making shaking the ‘wrong’ shakers?

It is however indubitable that we should be thinking and agreeing about the logical way for salt and pepper to be dispensed. Someone did that already though, and some of us, feel that the original idea or design is not conducive to meeting everyone ideal set of shakers.  I guess…they had to start somewhere and make a decision, even in the knowledge that it may not have been perfect, but it did the job of halting the confusion of which shaker to use…


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