This Blog(ger) Is Undergoing Maintenance

I am going to occasionally be re-posting some of my writing.

Trip down memory lane sort of – uncanny really… I go back a year exactly to the day.

No need to tell you – but – I want to share the ‘fun’ in seeing how so much is still so very applicable, as much as it was a year ago.

Some has changed – a lot has not.

This has a lot to do with reprocessing.

Today I was considering putting up a sign that says:

“This Blog(ger) is undergoing maintenance ~ Indefinitely ~ Be back Asap”

Then I contemplated further, and two things came to mind:

That would be a dumb-ass thing to do because then I would feel like a twit if I posted – you know – because nothing is official here, even if you say it is.


This blogger is ALWAYS going to be undergoing maintenance, so why in the name of Sweet Jesus would I need to remove myself from the world to rehash my head and heart and soul?

To take a break?

Well, from WHAT exactly?

Surely I can take a break without forcing myself to always go cold turkey?!

I MUST and NEED to be able to use – and not abuse.

SO – take a break with me and undergo some maintenance along the way of your own kind. It could be – and should be – something we can do and, in fact, even enjoy..without being crucified.

“Not one~
None done
Shall I point my finger?
‘You are the curse I’ve overcome’

Ten score
Come to me as I know
‘Trice me, splice me, tempt me now more’

No, nil
Now still
To thorns that pierce my side
‘Have your will, take your fill, until…

I see
Not me
But reflections of time
‘Vices vine formed virtues tree.’ “

Have an fabulous weekend all ~


Blog Voice ~The Same or Not?

I wonder if we all sit and read blogs and comments, with different accents in our heads?

I do – I can only attach and accent once I have seen these faces pop up a few times.

I don’t get that much from posts initially…it is the comments right.


They say every author should have a ‘voice’….

Does leaving comments help to personalise this voice – or detract from it?

In the blogging platform – I would imagine is it a different type of voice  we embrace as opposed to how one would ‘write a novel’?

Yet surely this must come through too?


We all change our moods and variation so much through days and I wonder if that is a good or bad thing to have going on in our posts?

Do you keep your ‘Voice’ clear and directed…the same through most posts…and leave your commenting to bring home the moods and variations? Or do you wing it as the mood strikes?


I don’t think any of us are able to keep ONE voice going throughout our entire blogging lives…not without being seriously tactical…and cold perhaps…once you begin to make connections with other bloggers…it becomes a place to find out your ideas and theirs…and you WILL be influenced one way or another:

If you connect.

Isn’t that what social networking is about? Or is it just getting people to read what you write? To sell your book or – I dunno…further your ambitions? Marketing I think is the term.


I guess it has to become something in time – everything does quite often lead somewhere even if it’s not always clear where! If you have a hard and fast plan – that’s fantastic – well done YOU!


But seriously…?

…listen to those voices that pop into your head as you scroll along!

Who would have thought – real people…not people who pass you by on the street (well I suppose some of us may one day and not even realise it….)

I find it very amusing to hear my mind as I read:  everyone that I have met here has a different voice in my head…it is like having a little party sometimes. (

So maybe that’s why they say commenting is an important part of blogging…but it sucks crap when someone just comments when they have nothing to say. I find I do that when I reply to comments left on my own blog…I feel a small thank is just not that great really…but sometimes…a small thank you is all that’s required right.

- If you have something to say or you feel a connection to the writing or the author – leave a lovely sentence…or paragraph depending on the atmosphere…and PLEASE – don’t lose your sense of humour!


It is hard at times to pick up on the nuances in ‘normal social situations’ – yet in the world of virtual…nuances can be terribly badly lost…err on the side of reading comments as humour. If they offend you – maybe they are just happy people, having a good laugh at themselves…ofcourse then there are the terribly serious and professional sites – learn the lingo jo – if someone is not into small chatty stuff – leave it at that – thank them for their wonderful work and move onto a party site :D


So don’t forget the accents and don’t forget the humour…and don’t forget the reality – though all these people may just seem like characters – or an audience to act out on…they are REAL people…some hide away – some bare all….almost…

Yet none of us can TRULY express our entirety but little words on a screen…no matter how hard we try. Accents or no accents…video blog or no video blog…(OH OH OH _ VIDEO BLOG!!!)

We all know what we THINK we sound like in the virtual world to others…or do we?? – we may never know I guess.


So now –  what accent do you hear when you read my posts???

I will try return the favour should you wish to indulge me :D

…..I may have to chat a bit first though – and stalk your blog!



Originally posted 24 October -2013


What Kind Of Thinker Are You?

Just read a nice article -

About different kinds of thinking:

I am FAR to – yeah – to explain it…so here’s the link.

He explains it so much better than I ever could. I understand we all tap into different processes of thought – and creative thinking is my strong area. I never knew the terms for different kinds of thought. Shocking I know!

I have known I need to exercise my other brain hemisphere but how to do it is evading me continuously.
Shocking again.

I focus on trying to encourage people to think creatively. I have even written about thinking creatively – probably because so many people struggle with the actual process of creative writing and hitting blank spaces etc. Being my stronger area – it is the area I can share. Basically makes me Non -linear.

Don’t get me wrong – I have a linear way to me – just not where I need it to be. SO I am likely to embark on a journey of delving into separating and then joining up these two ways of thinking.

Hang on – I already do that – just not – linearly. SO I just need to go linearly in the way I express and explain?

But that could be boring as heck?!


It could be most helpful?!

Won’t know till we give it a go right?!

What kind of a thinker are you?

Linear or non linear?

Bit of both?

Pop quizz:

1) According to the article – which is the most valuable one to an organisation or society?

2) According to YOU – which is the most valuable?