Don’t Wake Her Up

Would you like and apple?

No, please, and thank you Sir.

Here take this lovely apple.

I’d rather not my dear.

But look, here is an apple,
Have it, I insist.

No, no, not I, I’m rather fine,
Here, sitting just like this.

Why make me fight to give my gift?

Well fine, I’ll do as you insist…
My will corroded in the mist.

There, isn’t that so lovely sweet,
A tempting tasty little treat?

No dear Sir, the bite is sour,
Hurts my teeth and  feels like flour.

I can’t believe your callous words,
I gave, and now where’s my reward?
No thanks, no smile, no gratitude?
You really are profoundly rude!

Please Sir, take hold your apples free
Taste your bitter own decree,

Now, don’t awake the bitch in me.