Heavens Hell

As it begins,
Light separates from dark.
Two halves of a whole
Darkness does not exist


Light not seen without
Darkness to hold it.

Day falls softly into eve
As sure, as morning quietly lifts up night.

Entwined – yet set apart.
Shall the two be ever one?

Is this our quest?

To seek,

To find

Our light and dark

Our whole?

Tears in laughter
Joy in pain
Love in hate
And hate in love?

Dying to live
We live to die.

Our darkness the light
Blinding us to see,

Deception in our truth.

Shall I be your shadow
So you can be my sun?

Shall you be my rainbow
So I can be your storm?

Or shall we be both night and day
In darkness through to light?

Shall we join to stand our own
Moving still, apart, alone?

Shall we twist and tangle up
These two parts into one?

Take my weak, take my strong
Give me right, make me wrong –

Raise me till I fall

Past heavens hell.



When The World Stops

Where did you go?
Back to pain?
Where you see what you want.

Where did you dream?
Back in fear?
Born in words so few.

Where did you lay?
Back by death?
Sung in the blue of dark.

Where did you sing?
Back in the void?
Locked keys you do not know.

Where did you learn?
Back by this lack?
Gestures taste of warmth.

Where did you hide?
Back through the glass?
Shatter what is yours.