The Hearts Cross

Tired soul.
It is you, world, that makes it so.
I want to stay awake, but you are winning.
Winning my time, to keep open eyes.

Rapidly now, you tug and tug.
Drawing down the covers to sight.

I will close the lids to Pandora’s box,
Squeezed tight at will –
Shut you out and away,
My will
To forsake.
No sight, no sound,
Barely breathing
Enough to mist the mirror
You hold up to my gaping mouth.

Till sunrise, when we meet again
Then I will stand, I will walk, I will run.

I will fly to the stars
With the sword of old and new

A cross, my chest.



Idiot Wisdom – Truth

‘How can we assume we, in our space we are in now at this time, are not deluded into thinking, feeling, believing things (about ourselves, our world, our friends, enemies, the universe) that are untrue?’
Idiot Writer