At last

I have not picked up a book in a fair while.

About to embark on this one that has been waiting for me.

Could take me a while in between, stuff.

Could be hard to put down as all books are for me. (Hence why I seldom read.)

I have also been warned by my teenagers it may send me over the edge emotionally… oh well… whats new hey?😉

Sure a few people can determine which book it is by this snap?


Face It

A hot chocolate stained page. A pen. A camera. Works for me. Quick, easy, simple. 

This is what makes tech useful rather than stressful.

A restful succesful weekend to all.



The thing is, I am going to have to find time to write.

At least a little bit.

Simply because NOT doing so not going to help but may even hinder.

I think perhaps, an all or nothing outlook is simply not going to work in this instance.

What do they call that thing again?


Yes – that’s the one.

Feeling a lot better, but still need to watch my load lest I undo myself again before I get back to a place where time is not my absolute enemy.

So that’s good!

I do believe, the well wishes helped.

It really is amazing how much it touches our hearts when people pause in their lives to wish us the best.

Thank you so very much.❤

Is it not strange though just how long we leave it until we do let down our guard and let people in?

Art is my special love, but writing, well if I don’t I drift off into am odd place.

A place where stories begin to try manifest into my reality. I suppose that can be a good thing but I suspect it might be a little bit off kilter too.

Perhaps the place to go is to create the worlds I imagine in my head, with my words.

Pretty much what I have always done, but I do feel  a thresh-hold of sorts has been crossed once again.

I do like that as I have got a bit older I progress through things quicker to where I know the steps forward easier and clearer.

I AM weak. I AM unwell (long story). I AM getting stronger daily, I KNOW if I slip and let go of my lines I must set to maintain health, even a little, I will crash and become unable again (and each time is worse) but strength often comes through clarity even when physically ill.

I did truly think I would not turn back. I was right, I am not, I am moving forward, but I think I discovered there are certain things I can not, and must not, leave behind.

My words are one of those things.

With love-