Idiot Wisdom – Truth

‘How can we assume we, in our space we are in now at this time, are not deluded into thinking, feeling, believing things (about ourselves, our world, our friends, enemies, the universe) that are untrue?’
Idiot Writer




The Calling

I cannot look out to the moon in your sky.

She laughs, as I stand with my hand open wide-
I stopped looking up, I folded my wings
To stand and to stand, I was closing my hand.
To watch and to wait, till your flight did ensue
My pace slowed to greet you –
Meant nothing, to you?

You made me scared of the dark.
Not feeling you in it.
Scared to watch  night,
Where flames fall from the sky.
You made me scared of myself.
All I thought that I knew.
Scared shared notions,
Meant nothing, to you.

Now stuck in these trees shouting, whisper,
Your name. Surely aeons have heard
Of the song that you sang?
‘Please to stand in the shade of the shelter of leaves
To learn of the ways to fly up, out to seas.’
Throat shut tight, I cry candid and true,
Circling, and calling,  calling for you!
Shall the beasts in my forest,
Mean nothing, to you?