Born to Burn.

I hold it all together.
Then it falls apart. Again, again and once again – the pieces of my heart and soul, lay on the well worn path.

The path my life has wandered on – as up and down I trace – to find each place to tear me up so I can re-arrange.

Me. How I am to be.

Each heartbreak stronger so I feel – more, each time, of all that’s real.

In love, in sadness, joy and grief, in life and so in death.

I cannot see too clearly now. My heart a mangled mess.
This time was surely once to come but now I must confess:

I thought I knew a little more – a little more than I did before…
And though I know, I know still nought, I had hoped I’d overcome –

Mortality that blindly sees itself, flung about the stars. Still in our constellation when –  one star slowly dies –
The loss we feel shall be revealed when we see it fall through skies.

Lighting up the sky, its life a gleaming trace, of all it has revealed to us in its death embrace.

I cannot see so clearly now! I ache within and out –  but, through the atmosphere I’ll burn, too follow natures pace.

We close our eyes to all that dies, we close our eyes to beauty. Let it be, please, not in vain we strain, and burn, against the course of time.

Look to the sky and see the glow of those we hope to hold, and know for all eternity who open up our eyes to see, where our broken pieces be – Where we watch on as they burn.

Where we shine and shine amongst the galaxies across our sky,

In life and death though just the self – our ego drifts on high.

Rearranged, re-exchanged,  reshaped, and re-affirmed –

Our hearts, our minds, our souls, entwined as star-dust glowing bright.
Each piece that breaks and falls through air, seen as it lights the sky – not hidden in the hands of time that shroud our fear-filled eyes.

Our fallen pieces burning up, may we too, watch as others burn for us –

Then a symphony of light we will see,

As new stars, will still be born to be,

As stars were born to burn.

Live on, light the darkness of time.

For this is our reason and rhyme.


Follow the Story as it is written!

I don’t (truly) follow stories on WordPress. Sorry I don’t.

I recently began reading a story that was a touch slow going to begin with – but something egged me on.

We are now at part 8 and man is it getting VERY cool!

Trent(at Trent’s World Blog) is writing these parts each day and posting them as he writes… anyone who understands the writing process will understand how damn hard that is. Seems as he is going along the story is just growing and emerging and picking up pace with all twists and turns.

If you want a fun and intriguing read that is very likely to keep you guessing, may I suggest you step over to the near twilight zone and start at PART ONE  of ‘The Halley Branch’. It won’t take you long to get up to speed as they are fairly short but packed nicely.

Considering the time taken to write each part as it unfolds… near on in a day or less…



A Butterfly


I am not writing lately… but you all know that.
Enjoying the other simple pleasures in life when time permits… such as, children, butterflies and music.

A beautiful butterfly dubbed, The Leopard, by the children – taken a few days back, in the garden.