The Wait.

“Feel, see, all the ripples – understand them,
Know them.. become them.
Have them drift up and away into flight
Expanding to glorious and magnificent –
Away, quietly into the light
Still calling you, smiling
To follow with broken bones gasping for air,
The weight carried in your arms settles on your chest.

But you still see, the ripples grew as you let them go, or slip.

As the sun goes down, the dawn to dusk –

Stand, sit, lie, lay upon the shore for glimpses of Aurora’s Déjà vu.”

~Written in reply to a comment on this post.


A Breeze Blew.

There was time
When I felt you in the breeze.
No words, except the melody,

And pictures, of yesterday, tomorrow and –
No, never today, never now.

Now did not exist, and so you are mist.
Now, is all life ever gives.

Light and life shift through dawn to dusk,
Watercoloured, only in my soul.
The spoken broken, the potion poison
To hold you toward – what you asked:
A hand, and heart –
To love you, whole.

Soul on soul alone, cannot withstand…
So, faces change and rearrange,
In hope, in faith, in fear and trust –

And still – there was time, as time the everlasting –
The breeze blew onto my shore of bones,

To love.
From nothing into something:
I love you still. Always will.

Now, is all life ever gives.
A heart has lost its soul, you, now… whole.

My now, is all I’ll ever have, my something is now nothing –

But nothing, was all we had…



Lesson 48: A kick from behind…

Mich In French, is back with her lovely words. A fullfilling write I trust, as was it a fullfilling read.:)

Lessons in French

Life sometimes wallops us on the back side.

Target Concept by ponsulakHave you ever found that? Actually more often than not you are just amiably piloting your way through the maze of your life and with no warning you get a fat slap on your rear end that sends you careening through the hedge to the other side of who knows where.

There you sit – aching seat side,totally confused and bewildered. I have to actually chuckle because a few years ago I thought that was just totally not on. How dare we get a butt whacking when we are seeking after everlasting happiness … the nerve of it.

Here is the kicker though – and not in the butt or maybe that is exactly what it is –  life is not about finding happiness.

Say what? Can that be true – after all these years if us searching with such vigour and…

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