Strings Of Love

Murky small room,
Lit dim yesterdays dream –
The windy staircase.

Tearing, stillness
Through the air,
Sparks in the corner.

Stand and hold.
Watching – always watching,
To know, what hearts sing.

Step in the wind
Arms to the calling there,
Moments, disappear in air.

Until the calling ends.
In shattered glass
The ceiling’s falling in.

Eyes down
Un-cast the frown,
To where the mind begins.

All the was,
To be, becomes.
To live this way is not perchance –

We ne’er to love with strings.


Where do you draw the line?

People we miss.

Some will never return.

Some, we stumble across a picture or word and we remember a fondness, a moment a treasure to keep…that we forgot about.

Do we smile, do we cry, or do we simply move along and recall that space and the sense it gave us… to do just that:

Move On.

Letting people go is probably the hardest part of being a human being isn’t it?

Are we greedy to want more than the moments we were offered to keep as a part of someone’s life?

Can we ever really convey to others JUST how much there presence in our lives fills or filled our hearts? What they gave and showed us, simply by existing – pieces of ourselves we found through them being in our lives.

What if we could? Would that be fair in many instances?

Does allowing someone to know they are very important to you, put some kind of pressure on them to ‘perform’ and meet what could be seen as needy or demanding, or does it simply show them:

‘You are dearly cared about by me – no strings attached.’?

Because really…there seem to ALWAYS be strings entwining everything.

NO strings attached means:

I do not care WHAT you do (even toward me) – I will always care about you, and have your back.

But how often do we carry that out? How much do we REALLY mean it?

Is it even sensible not to have any lines someone can cross at which point – you stop –


Where do you draw that line?





What distracts you? (and WIP)


The work in progress.

Finishing it will prove interesting as I now cannot make my mind up what medium I would wish to do it in. Obviously.

Another sketch to get covered in dust for a rainy day.

Oh, I keep forgetting…every day in the Wales is pretty much a rainy day.

I could have been doing this drawing, but no…nope… got distracted by writing again.

So two questions today:

Suggestions of mediums to complete above WIP, and

What distracts you from what you had planned to do with your time?

How about three? Three is always a good number – choose one, choose all.


Do you ever ramble around on your blog or page through your writing files/book/journal, if you have one, and re-read all the weird and wonderful things you have written?

I find it soothing, educational, hilarious, bizarre and a good way to refocus (sometimes.)

I get lost, I find my way back somehow by seeing the patterns emerging time and again in pictures and words. And I know – it all turns again. ;)