Why The Pen Name – Is It WHO I am?

We have had many lovely kind people suggesting pen names… by being kind about my for real like name. Thank you – I hear you. It is not that I don’t LIKE my name. Or trying to hide or run from something…

Hang on – that is a lie.

I am divorced from that name. I use it as all my legal documentation is in that name. But my heart is not in that name.

Leslie suggested I should use it as it IS who I AM. I agree, be who you are…

To be fair it is a pretty OK author name, as many have suggested – certainly not many around going by that name.

Does that matter?

SHOULD it matter?

A rose by any  other name?

Is it who I am? Even if that is not who I wish to be?




And Now?

I removed all my old posts; Well hid them all away.
Great plans to streamline. Great plans…

I will say…completely stumped now what to do, so we begin polluting the internet once more with inane drivel once more because we (as in ME) do not know what the hell to do with all this shit. I do not – I really do not.



WHAT do I want to do with all my words ‘n..stuff?

Please? What do you all do when you hit a blogging wall and not sure you are really going where you want to with your blog? (Do we EVEN know EVER where we want to go with our blogs/online presence?)