The smile on your face, in the warmth of embrace –
Lonely, you cannot be.

Your feet in their place, in the sunlight’s sweet pace –
In darkness, you cannot be.

With your heart in its place, in the presence of grace –
At peace, surely, let your soul be.

IW –

Love Hate

Do we love without what is written,
Do we love without what is spoke’?
Do we love without what is given?
Do we love, when love is revoked?

Do we love for what we will gain?

Do we love for how we are seen ?
Does it tell us where we belong?
Reassurance we really exist?
Does it give us our value and presence,

To know someone loves us like this?

Does it make our pulse rise in fear?
Does it make us aware of our pain?
Does it teach us and show us-
Hold us and grow us?

Or, reflect what we want it to say?

I love you my friend, I love you my child,
I love you my father, my mother.
I love you soul lover, I love you my mate –

I love you beyond heavens gate.

Do you love, for how love makes us feel?

So vast, so different – the manner and stance
Each flowing within and without –
Each purpose unravelled in lifetimes entwined
Whilst hearts seldom stay in one trance –

In love there is still place to hate,
For hate, borrows all our mistakes,
Holds them before us until we retrace-

This love – is the love we must face.








A Word.

A young child aged six (my daughter) considering the world:

Her: When the world ends there will be nothing left.

Me: There will be – the rest of the universe will still exist.

Her: No, I mean, if ALL that just ended – blew up.

Me: Well, I guess there would still be time.

Her: Hmmm… that’s so freaky, and cool! Hahahahaha!

Me: Yup.

Her: There would also still be words.

Me: Thank you, I needed to hear that – come give me a hug.

Her: You are welcome.


And so there shall be.

… and so it begins again, as all beginnings do… with a word.