At Last

IW - drawing IW drawing

Have a good weekend in the rhythms you keep –

This is a rhythm I desire as much as possible of. It has been way too long since I placed a real pencil on a real piece of paper… and Fridays seem a suitable time. Not sure how long it will stay that way…but we take what we can get when it makes its self available.

Family quite pleased :D



Aligning Ideas in art with words

Been meaning to do this for a while… all a bit late – but – never mind. Better late than… (oh fuck it!Whatever…)

I short while ago I proposed for anyone who wished to, to do a response/interpretation of the painting below.

Several responses, all beautifully rendered came through and I wish to thank all who chose to indulge me with their time to create a blog post based around this painting.

Thank you to:
Doobster of ‘Mindful Digressions’ – for his write up – not only is the reflection awesomely done but the comments are a pleasure to read and enjoy and mull over and even have a good laugh! (since drafting this it appears Doobsters blog has become private )
A splendid account from Ansham from the blog ‘Ansham for me’ giving a stunning in depth account of the metaphor he has surmised from the painting.
Trent from ‘Trents world blog‘ did very philosophical piece of music to show his inspiration from the piece. Thanks Trent!
Paulfg from Just me being curious  gave me shivers and humility in a beautifully free expressive piece of writing straight from somewhere awesome!
Gentle breeze from He leads me beside a Moorland Stream shared a heartfelt poem written in difficult times that reflects the struggle of our souls that despair at moments in our lives.

Thanks all for the interest and for taking the time to take a look and put together a post to feel inspired or deep and thoughtful over this art work. It really IS an honour and a privilege to share such things with other human beings.

A dear friend and familiar name to many who wade the waters of WordPress, Paul, sent me his interpretation of the artwork. Paul does not have his own blog, but his presence is felt by many of us in his thoughtful comments and several guest posts he has done. I chose, after asking him if I may, to post his words here:

Stars Twin Flame

“‘Stars Twin Flame’ is a thought provoking piece with a great deal of metaphorical power. The first thing that strikes me is the snake like creature that twines through the tree and is seen watching the man hang from its very tail. To me this suggests the circular nature of objectivity/subjectivity and the “evil” snake image in Genesis. That the man is being hung by evil that is watching as it does so, knowing full well that it is both the cause and the effect of the situation.

Stars Twin Flame ~By Idiot Writer

The “hazy” background and detail free fore-ground both suggest that the image is one of the sub-conscious or a dream. There is a suggestion of water close by, perhaps the River Styx, where hell is just a short journey away. Even though the man is hanging, he still takes the hand of the woman who faces him. Both appear naked as they were in Genesis. No clothing between them for concealment. And yet the woman, seeing the man hanging still faces him and stands solid in front of him.

The snake is composed of intertwined white and black stripes, perhaps indicating the dual nature of evil – that it cannot exist without God. Not that God deliberately created it, but that it too, as does all else, owes its existence to God. The light dusting coming down around the two figures and the title both suggest that the figures are of the stars – stardust and the flame of stars. Perhaps it takes two to make one flame –just as it takes objectivity and subjectivity to make the complete picture or just as evil is dependent on Good to exist (the white and black intertwining). The moon can be seen in the crevice between two tree branches, indicating night time or a time of darkness, perhaps for better seeing the internals of the subjects.

The female holding the male’s hand seems to indicate that she is willing to be one with him even though he is being hung by evil.

All in all I find the tone of the picture muted by the colors. The images suggest the duality of life and that we come from a single point. Well done.” ~PAUL~

Thank you Paul for your beautiful take. As the Artist who created ‘Stars Twin Flame’ I can say you are exceptionally close on point to the metaphor behind this image! Perhaps I shall elaborate at another time to share my thoughts behind my reasons for creating  ‘Stars Twin Flame’.