Time with Kids is cool

Been doing some good music making with the BoB Man.

Enjoyable as always. Love that kid to PIECES!

Sunday music jams ROCK.

Hopefully we will get a video up later – or not – see how it goes right :P

Figuring out the rest of this blogging thing and where I wish to go with it – all a bit – out of sync yeah?

Never mind – times change and life shows the way …. always.

Got me something brewing in my head and heart – always a good thing.


Momentary lapse of reasoning – nothing new then.

I have, on the spur of the moment – done several guest posts over at Harsh Reality this evening. I received an invitation this afternoon and thought – well why not? Maybe it will break this slumber I do find myself in?

I would be pleased if you would join me there.

Thanks ;)

Idiot! – First 
Seriously? Second ….
The Mystery Solved – Third
I Think I Am Doing This Wrong….

And will probably post something else a Bit later


Broken in Compassion #1000speak

Everybody – everywhere has a story to tell. Something only they carry, inside of them.

Sure there are similarities, but no two tales are ever the same.

We may know what the emotions we can name ‘look like’ and we may even be able to replicate them in some fashion… but we can never know to what degree someone feels them.

We can sing the same songs, but we can never know to what degree someone connects with the words or the music even as we all dance along together.

We can find similarities in all our days, but no one can ever understand the dynamics in relationships with others and yourself you have faced simply because they have not faced them.

All we have is our human capacity to relate emotionally to each other in the understanding that we are all broken and damaged goods – and in some way struggling to find our truth and our light – our courage hope and strength – our reason to be here.

We want to be understood and known for what we have overcome and for ourselves and others to be able to see in us all that has made us who we are –  why we cry, why we smile, why we breathe or why we wish to die.

When that ability to connect to other human beings is removed from us – we are invisible not only to ourselves but to others.

There may be many reasons why we do this. I am however of the mindset that the greatest reason is simply to grow.
To grow passed our hurt and suffering, to grow beyond the triggers that shaped our state of mind and heart. To share and nurture that voyage with other souls… but why? Why is this need so great in human beings?

Why are we designed to wish to share our experiences with each other?

Simple really – in the bottom of our hearts lies a place that wishes to be whole and on our own – we are unable to do this.

Instinctively we seek this wholeness for ourselves – we look in so many places to find it (hence why the reasons could be many) but the bottom line is – we thirst for knowledge that shows we are part of something greater than just our little lives. Our tragedy and trials. We wish to know that our life means something – and the best way we intuitively seek this is by a driving force that leads us to touch others lives. We think we are looking to get something – when truly we are looking to give that which we have already found.

Some – shove it down others throats. Some offer it. Some are rejected for what they bring. Some simply sink into the place of stealing ‘connections’ – by demanding our attention… some have hostile outlooks and try to make everybody LIKE them – ‘IF you could ONLY see this MY way’… I am doing this for the greater good – the better place for you and me and the world.

Religious wars have been fought – are still being fought over this fundamental yearning that people have to feel part of something. But they cannot, unless everyone sees and feels the same as they – so they try and force this way of how they are upon everyone else – so THEY feel connected.

Thing is – the connection we seek, though we do not always understand it – is for someone to show us where we are going wrong…but our fear tells us that it is not US – it is THEM. Sometimes it IS them…sometimes – it is US.

Mostly – it is both. We need to own our part – how frustrating it is when others will not do the same?

But that is our lives… and where we can – as we can – we must find the places we can feel this connection to our fellow human being…through humility in the things we share –

Our fears – our hopes, our sadness our joy – our brokenness –

And our journey to healing.

In doing so – we not only receive but we give.

Neither is more important than another.

Even if we feel we sap the life out of a party – we are giving something…. we are teaching a lesson to someone who needs to know it… simply by being in the place we are in and being who we are at that time. It may simply be…that we show a place someone has come FROM and is happy to be beyond… it may be a place someone is heading too… and we prepare them for this dark part of their lives they will need to face.

Even in darkness – even in our brokenness – we are one – this is the real why? The WHY we seek to find this place to share.

Because as we are broken away and divided from our source of unity – as we are set adrift into this world … alone…no matter how much love we are surrounded with… we seek to be filled with that sense of being united in all we know and feel as people. When we are not – when we are so divided under this fair sun of ours – we remain – broken.

Let us begin the healing and hold each others hands as we crawl out the dark places that keep us away from the light of our birth into this world.

The light at the end of the tunnel was indeed a train dears – that tunnel you entered through when you ended up on earth – was earth waiting to crush you. There is not one – none – who we can point to and say – ‘They are whole.’

Not one we can turn to and say ‘THEY – they have the remedy – the truth – the answers’

Because the truth is – we all only have small fragments of it. Some may be closer than others to understanding this, some may never…sadly – this is our curse. For only when all remain and stand united together and able to hear the voices of each tale – each lesson – each revelation – each burning desire… only when all voices have been heard and understood will we know truth… and peace.

In the meantime – be brave – be strong – be courageous and find YOUR piece to give to the world, as your show of compassion toward – peace. As broken as you may be – as wrong as you THINK you may be on your pathway to answers… your piece of the puzzle matters. You may think it to be an ugly looking piece – it may be despised by others… for now…. a hard piece to carry, but these are only given to those who can carry them. As long – as it is placed down with the deepest desires of your heart being sought with respect to the other pieces held by others…not on top or underneath but next to – with gentleness and compassion…

Place it amongst the pieces of the broken puzzle of humanity laying scattered around.

After the Storm

I shall leave you for a short while again with my favourite song at this time.


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