Little Girls and Big Girls

Been a very long while since I did this with tiny one..

Sometimes you got to go for it, as simple as it is, or may seem.

Three nights a week I don’t tuck her in anymore. Time is an enemy, or when we have less… we use it more wisely.

Few days off this week to catch up. 



Songs of Ocean and Moon

wow… this is divine. Induldge your senses and swim away in the words.

Trent's World (the Blog)


Selina could feel the throb of the Ocean pulsing through her long before she could actually make out the roar of the waves.  The beat of the earth’s salty heart made a rhythm with her own, a dance she alone shared with the mighty Sea.

But as she followed her thin shadow across the silvery landscape she realized that another heard his call.  For climbing up behind her, as she neared the westward ledge over the water, was her soul-sister, Moon.  She had a special relationship with Moon.  Sometimes, when no one was watching, Selina danced a slow, sinewy dance with sister Moon.  It was an old dance, a dance that came from her soul, a restless dance of subtle movements far removed from that earthy dance of the pulsating beat of Ocean.  For the flow and ebb of sister moon took weeks to complete, from absence to full and…

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