Why We Are All – Beautiful, and Idiots.

Be fabulous. Whatever fabulous is for YOU. Do something that is hard and scary, but true to you. My God, life is so short.

Why do we waste it living how others want us to? Just politely (because we have to accommodate others a LITTLE bit you see)… tell those who would change you to get fucked really. Please do not let other people dictate to you your value and worth as a human being, or your capabilities …and check OFTEN if you are believing a lie someone else has spoken to you about you or if it was THEIR demons imposing on you and mirroring THEIR insecurities onto you. Well – unless they want to change the part of you that tries to be something you are not… 😉

Be your OWN reflection..not someone else’s

Your reflection is more beautiful on you then someone else’s. When it is YOURS, you will see your own beauty, and so will humanity – because we are drawn to truth, even if it is, or seems, ugly, truth dictates our way forward. Being ALL we are leads us to all we will and must be, and wonderfully, leads those around us to their own beautiful places too.

SO if you think you cannot be YOU because of how it will affect others… remember when you are NOT true, you are doing a disservice because YOUR ‘bad’ may be JUST what someone else needs to understand THEIR bad… or good.

Oh and princesses…. (and gentle Sirs) if it is our physical looks we concern ourselves with… well ugly is as ugly does. But really – HOW should it matters SO MUCH? But for the benefit of our little fleshy insecurities –

I see couples sometimes, and I sit back and smile and giggle…. they are SO in-love and so awkward and MAYBE even ‘ugly’ by our stupid societies standards. From an artistic perspective of someone whose favoured subject is the human being – there is beauty in all I see, and it is in the eyes – the character.

Well heck yeah, we can all admire a good sculpted physical appearance as a celebration of human form but if the eyes are – well dead… what’s the point? It is more beautiful to paint a form that is sculpted by life’s experience and have eyes that tell a story then a cold stiff boring ‘perfect’ appearance. These awkward couples who don’t fit the society bill of celebrity glamour and beauty, think of each other, to be absolutely BEAUTIFUL… breathtaking, because they have seen in the others eyes, a soul that breathes the same as they do – or compliments their rhythm. They live every moment of their lives believing and feeling that beauty in each others worlds, and so – their lives BECOME breathtaking. May not be to others, but to them, it is.

See how it works there? If you pretend to be what you are not… you will not find the people who find you completely beautiful, (whether they be a spouse or a close friend) because you will always only be half of who you are… and one day someone may walk past you (pay attention young lovers!) and talk to you, and because you are not completely your shy self and think you must be more, or outgoing and a jester and think you must hold back (whichever way it goes) they will not SEE YOU – for you, and if they had….they MAY just have been someone who stayed in your world to show you how to remember and believe all you ARE, that you thought you were not, or could not/should not, be and they will say to you that – YOU my friend – Are beautiful.

Open up your eyes and look at people. Look at life. Look at the sky the birds the flowers. Look at the souls around you – are they alive or dead inside. Look in the mirror and look into your own eyes… see how they sparkle under the tears of your pain.. and see the pain as it creates in you all that will be beautiful again in time. Don’t hide it away, don’t pretend all is well when it is not, don’t hide who you are… but see that – I will say it again because we need to all believe this to be true-

WE are ALL beautiful.




  1. Nicely done Belinda. You know I hadn’t even considered that and it is so true. Be who you are and you will become so much more. Very elegant Mi’ Lady. 😀

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  2. I don’t remember where I read this, so cannot give proper credit, but the line, “I have spent most of my life trying to be what I thought other people expected of me” resonated in my life for many years until I decided to be who I am. Oscar Wilde said it well: “Be yourself. Everyone else is taken.”

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  3. God I just love the inspiration and truth in this, especially what you said about love. My friend is in a long-ish term relationship and she’s begun to let her boyfriend see the silly, amazing, true side of her (which I adore but he hasn’t really seen). She was a bit worried at first because at the beginning of any relationship you’re putting on a bit of a show so they don’t run screaming… it’s just how it works. But of course he just loves her even more now and it’s wonderful to see. Thank you so much for writing this post.

    Oh and my favourite bit… “Just politely (because we have to accommodate others a LITTLE bit you see)… tell those who would change you to get fucked … ”
    You are simply awesome

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