A to Z challenge – Agitate – The Poem.

I have been prompted to try participate in the AtoZChallenge. So I shall try.


“Abdicate to advocate amorphic words amour
Amalgamate, apostolate anticipate allure
Affiliate,  associate, agitate abhor
Archaic ache, aphrodisiac as apricot apposes azure
Awry artists, alight! Align!
AFAIK, avail acumen’s awe.”

Thanks again to Linda!


You can find out more here- Please join us!

Go get writing your poem.





    1. Hi, I came over to visit your site, I am sad now. 😉 I am not sure why, but I don’t seem able to comment on your post about time. I did find inspiration in it for a poem – so wanted to thank you. SO, Thank you.


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